Loom N Essence began as a full service fiber arts studio in the beautiful Red Rock country of  Sedona, AZ .   The creative vision that is Loom N  Essence offered a cross section of spinning and weaving equipment to compliment the creative needs of the fiber artist.


Sharon Poplawski, owner and founder of  Loom N Essence, respectfully traces her love for the "old craft" to both of her grandfathers . Having been raised in a small New England mill town, I  learned early to recognize their loyalty and appreciation for the trade.  Although having spent many years away from those small mill towns, I  am proud of my New England Heritage. Their influence is the essence of my loyalty, dedication and creativity. 


"IOWA" Native American Translation   Land Between Two Rivers

January 2008 Loom N Essence travels east to Cedar Rapids, Iowa embarking on a journey aimed to mesh both personal and creative goals.  
Cedar Rapids takes it's life from the river, visually, economically, and traditionally. It is the river's life that flows thru the veins of the people of  Cedar Rapids.  Much like their pioneer ancestors, they are resilient, determined and to be respected. 

July 2012 - July 2015  Loom N Essence, Jeanne's Baskets & Brooms, and Jeanne's  Soaps combined their creative energies to found McGowan House Artisans in Marion, Iowa which represented more than 40 local artists.

July 2015  .........Would someone please explain the concept of retirement????  

       Now I'm happily participating in various Art Shows which showcase my Handwoven pieces.

Summer keeps me busy teaching art classes through Grant Wood AEA  /  In between weaving and developing the natural concept of hand dyeing (to keep up with all the trending colors), I'm a proud and active grandmother.........Life is Good!!

March 2018 - Retirement!!!   Finally giving myself the time and space to pick and choose what interests me....."The Times They Are A Changing!


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Loom N Essence - Cedar Rapids, Iowa